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I, _____________________________ residing at _________________________________________________________________________________ in the City of ______________________ County/Province of __________________________ Country of _________________ married and being in full enjoyment of my civil rights do hereby constitute and appoint ____________________________ or his designee, Lawyer. practicing before the Courts of____________________________________ my special and lawful attorney to represent me in the legal proceedings instituted or to be instituted in a Court of _______________________________ by my spouse _______________________ against me for an absolute divorce by reason of the existing incompatibility of temperaments, which makes life together unbearable, to which effect I grant this special power of attorney in order that said attorney may accept for me in my name, personal service in the suit for divorce filed against me, put in for me a personal appearance in said Court: manifest to the Court my express recognition and acceptance of its jurisdiction to hear and try said suit for divorce and in which I am party.

I authorize my Attorney to state to the Court my acceptance of plaintiffs legal submission to its jurisdiction and waiver of any other law that could be applied to this case and also my acceptance of the validity and regularity of the proceedings in said suit for divorce, in which I am expressly putting in my personal appearance through my duly constituted Attorney, and that shall hold as forever valid any decree that is handed down therein.

I direct my said Attorney to submit to the Court for its approval an agreement of separation entered into between myself and the plaintiff and dated _________________ and to request that the Court ratify and affirm the said agreement and direct each of the parties to comply with the terms thereof and notwithstanding such incorporation. the provisions of said agreement shall survive the said decree and not merge therein.

I grant to the Attorney herein named such other powers as may be necessary in the divorce proceedings above described. including the right to file any appeals required, file cross-actions, challenge Judges and to withdraw same, and, including the right to substitute this mandate and revoke such substitutions, and that I hereby ratify any and all things that may be legally done for me in the use of this Power of Attorney, which may not be used for any other purposes, in order that the same may be effective and legal in ________________________________and all other jurisdictions. Including ________________

WITNESS, my hand and seal this ___ day of _________________ 2000

SS: State/Province ___________________ Country _______________ On this ____ day of __________ 20 ____ , before me the undersigned personally appeared __________________ known to me to be the person who signed and executed the within instrument, and by me being duly sworn, manifested and acknowledged to me that (s)he executed the same for the purposes and uses herein expressed.



Suscribed and sworn to before me this______ day of ____________, ________

NOTARY SIGNATURE_________________________________
NOTARY NAME(PRINT) __________________________

My commission expires ______________________ NOTARY PUBLIC SEAL

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