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Please read carefully. Some items may not apply to you.
The forms you may need are numbered 1,2,3 and maybe 4 and 5.

1. Information sheet. Please completely fill out the Information sheet. The plaintiff is you the person seeking the divorce. The defendant is the other spouse. Be sure to fill in every space. Fill in passport number, or military ID #, etc. Be sure to print name of notary public. Do not leave any blanks on form.
* If any information requested is not applicable please state so.

2.Plaintiff's Special Power of Attorney. This applies to you. You do not have to fill this out, but you must sign this before a notary public, or other officer qualified to take oaths, who must affix his or her seal. Notary should not require that the form be filled out, however if he or she does require it, please fill in only your name and address.

3..Defendant's Special Power of Attorney. This applies to you only if your spouse is also signing the forms and you have both agreed to a two-party divorce. This form does not have to be filled out, however it must also be signed before a notary public by the defendant. Notary public must affix his or her seal.

4. Affidavit. This applies to you (If it is a one party divorce) and to your spouse (if this is a two party case). It does have to be notarized.

Please courier all notarized completed forms and Certified check or money order


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*No personal checks please