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Call 1-800-297-9102 or 1-414-241-6629

Your divorce will be processed as follows;


a) Issued and signed by ajudge,

i) If mutual consent, then immediate order

ii) If unilateral, then notice to spouse is posted outside the court house

b) his signature certifiedby the court clerk,

b1) Optional ($95) -Affidavit is prepared from the court docket($95)

c) the Clerk's signature certified by the "Procuraduria", from Santo

Domingo , Mexico or Haiti

d) the decree translated to English by an official Judicial Interpreter,

e) the Interpreter's signature certified again by the Procuraduria, of

the Dominican Republic,Mexico or Haiti

f) The Procuraduria's signature verified by the Consular Section of

the Ministry of Foreign Relations ,

g) The Ministry's signature certified by the corresponding

International Consulate(U.S. for example) or the International Law Office of the United States of Mexico,

h) Optional($495)-Thecomplete docs are forwarded the Superior Court of California for A judge to review and certify

i) The docs are sentdirectly to you or back to Internet Legal Referrals

This takes place in accord with the " verification of the Judges

signature" with a set of formalities to comply with "International

Conventions of Signature Authenticity"

Any questions, please call 1-800-297-9102 

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