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Divorce Processing

We offer a laway plan that is not widely advertised. It only applies to the Express Divorce service with Affidavit.($1,990) It goes like this.

1) You send in an initial payment of $1,100 with your completed application
2) We will process your divorce, get it granted, recorded, translated, certified and completely processed. In this way you will be legally divorced. We will fax you a copy of the affidavit as proof that you action has been completed.
3) You then make payments on the balance of $890 until the balance is paid off. This must be done in 6 months( there are some exceptions)
4) We you have completed you balance, then you action is expressed mailed to you..


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Call 1-800-297-9102 or 1-414-241-6629

How much does it cost?

Our prices are a bit higher, because all of our divorces go through either the US Embassy or the Consulars Department of Legalization for authentication in accordance with the Hague. Information about US divorces is found here.

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